….because a woman should ALWAYS come prepared honey…. or stay home. These little things make your life so much more bearable and although they are easy to get a hold of, why not come ready?    

1.CASH…… It comes (handy) in the most awkward moments ever…..I’ve often found out in the most difficult situations, where using my cards are next to impossible. So I have made it a choice to always carry a little cash on me every time I step out. It could be as little as ten pounds but still, better that than nothing, because believe me, you just never know! So cash (in) ladies! 

2.DENTAL FLOSS/CHEWING GUM or MINT TABS.….  Eau du Garlic anyone?! Nothing kills romance faster than an overpowering smell of left over food on the breath. Eeeew….! I don’t care who you are, bad mouth odour kills your vibe, period! These days, dental flosses come in very handy purse sizes or take a couple from your home safely wrapped up, with you. Alternatively, pop a gum discreetly into your mouth, but please, no crazy chewing. For those who don’t like chewing gums (or if you can’t chew nicely) use tic tacs or other small minted sweets tucked into the corner of your mouth! 

See these options:Dental picks, Boots: https://goo.gl/Ei8a9c

3.VASELINE……Or any other jelly like product of your choice. For me, Vaseline is handy and easily affordable. I particularly love it as it is an amazing multitasker. Lip salve, hand and foot gel, emergency fly away hair tamer, cuticle softener, scab protector and help with minor cuts and bruises. And the fact that you can get it in very thin pots is even better news for your cute little purse when you are partying hard! 

Buy this cute vintage design pot from Boots: https://goo.gl/DctMEj

4. POCKET TISSUES……..Unless you’ve never been caught out in the ladies room, away from home and realise there are no tissues after the long queue you have had to endure before getting your turn, you would not even begin to understand why pocket tissue made this list. Always find a way to carry some with you. Plus it’s not only for such emergencies. There are other useful needs for them too. Spillage, in store makeup trial and they’ve (‘only just’) ran out of wipes or tissues (Uh huh!), hand towel, sweat mopper and more…. ‘Nuff said! 

5. UMBRELLA…. ..yes girls, you heard right. Umbrella! You are a woman. You live in the U.K. You have hair (not to talk of your dignity and swag) to maintain. Do you really want to take the chance of playing ‘tag’ with the weather? Unless of course, you are travelling there and back by car, (uber counts too), then don’t.

There are lots of small pretty umbrellas you could easily fold up into your handbag without causing too much bulk or added weight. Try this one from Amazon: https://goo.gl/iC3w7F

I think its really pretty and worth the price tag.

So come rain or shine, have your umbrella at the ready. Always! 

What are your magic tools? Share yours in the comment box below and together let us rule the world.

Thanks for reading…

Mwah….x x

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