First off, let me just say that: “If you are a business person or an entrepreneur and you missed this year’s Divas of Colour “Women into Leadership Conference”, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you missed out on what could potentially have been a major life changing event for you…!!” 

This is not an ad. This is not an endorsement nor is it a write up asked of me. This is simply my own take on an event that I attended and thoroughly enjoyed and learned from, which was put together by a ‘One-Woman-Power-House’ called Faustina Anyanwu, a.k.a Fauntee, who has created many platforms for women, (all of which are active and thriving by the way) but this particular “Women into Leadership Conference” was a league apart for me. 

The One-Woman-Power-House, Faustina Anyanwu (a.k.a Fauntee)

The calibre and quality of people that turned up were amazing to witness. It certainly was not a BIG AFFAIR and I personally think that that’s what made it perfect, as it meant that attendees were able to meet and greet one another properly on a one to one basis. The venue (Hilton Hotel in Westminster) was well picked, and of course, the platters and platters of finger licking goodness in form of food topped it all off! 

But enough of that. Let me tell you that the connections I made that day were a blessed and God-Inspired one. I would not have met and connected with the individuals I connected with on that day any other way! Speakers ranged from the self-proclaimed “accidental Leader”, champion campaigner for multiple sclerosis and dancing with the stars star, Trishna Bharadia, to the very inspiring and soft spoken planning guru, Andrea Taylor-Cummings, as well as Shanara Wright, who flew all the way from the United States for the event. It was truly one event that women entrepreneurs and business owners should not miss. 

Planning Guru – Andrea-Taylor Cumming
Yum Yums…






I am glad to have gone and would encourage you to attend next year’s event, as the founder (#WonderWoman), Faustina Anyanwu, has promised this to be a recurring annual event! Follow her social media platforms and keep up-to-date with events by Divas of Colour!! See you there next year! 

Mwah…x x

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