As an actress, I am lucky to have worked with a number of great people and been involved in some amazing projects with credits to my name. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of them and here you will find some of the roles I’ve played in the past. 

Although I have received a number of awards and recognition for my efforts in acting, I am still (very much) a growing actress and I try to push against my boundaries and limitations. I have mostly worked as a ‘Nollywood’ actress. (That’s the Nigerian term for the film industry. Just like Hollywood for the U.S and Bollywood for India) But I am also pushing hard to not stay ‘boxed-in’ in this genre only.

Being an African Royalty suits one rather well don’t you think…..?

I hope to use my platform here, to inspire others who may be interested in acting, because being an actress isn’t easy, but with the right people around you and the right kind of motivation and focus, things will fall into place.

Shoot following a shaved head for a movie role…

Explore some of my work and let me know if you have any questions.

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Photo credit. Jeffrey Osei-Tutu and Jide Alakija of Alakija Studios
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