….extensions and wigs. Taking it back to the #EarlyDays.

Do you sometimes look back on past jobs or events of your life and think…? ‘Oh Lord, why….??” Or  ‘Dang son, that was an awesome, epic, fabulous, magnificient….Yada yada yada (You get the gist) job!”

Does it make you happy? Sad? Nostalgic? Regretful? Whatever it does to you, remember, it was a job, which I’m sure at the time was very welcomed. So instead of regret or a wince, look back and give yourself a pat on the back.

This LaTrend web campaign was one of my most memorable jobs ever. Why? Because I was just starting out as a model and it was a big deal (job) at the time (and still is!) Reminds me to keep on keeping on. That persistence and hard work pays off…….

And although I look a little fresh (and school girly…Loooollll), I wouldn’t change anything here for the world.The fact that these are still on the website says it all really. I feel #Proud

So remember; looking back and giving yourself a little pat on the back every now and then is not such a bad thing. Just don’t dwell on it or live on past glories. Instead, let it be a reminder that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you put your mind to and banish any fears you may have to try something new.

What images or jobs make you cringe when you look back on how far you have come? Wanna share? Please feel free to do so….

Find LaTrend @: http://www.latrend.com/wigs.html 

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