Last Sunday was so busy with things to do and places to go, that I realised days before that once I left home for my first errand, there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to make it home, change and make it to an important networking event I had in the evening on time. What to do…..what to do!!  So what did I do and how did I pull it off? Well read on….. 

First off, I had to go to mass, followed by a meeting for a shoot collaboration with another stylist and photographer all the way in North London, then quick coffee with a girl friend and then to a women’s networking dinner. Pheew…!!! Just saying that alone takes the breath away. Anyways, you can see what I mean; absolutely no way was I going to be able to make it home and out again. I had to think carefully about what I could wear all day, that is comfortable and warm (it was a chilly Sunday) and able to transition beautifully into the evening as I like keeping things easy and not bulky. For me, less is definitely more.

Style + class = Elegance

I settled on a warm oversized jumper in dark green from TK MAXX (find similar here:  & ) and black skinny jeans from Levi’s. (Your own alternative will do, as long as they make you feel fab!) I had my old vintage leather jacket for added warmth. My hair was in need of a cut and shape up really badly so I had to find an alternative. I did not fancy wearing a wig, therefore the next choice was a scarf. I picked a bright pink Ankara one, with blue accents to brighten up my outfit because the rest of me will be dark. I did minimal make up (because I’m not great at it) which I made pop with a vibrant lipstick in a slightly darker pink shade. A touch of gold accessories and every part of me was ready except for what shoes to wear and bags to carry.

own it…!

As I knew what my day was like, I had to find a way to carry two bags and two shoes. One for the day and the other for the evening. I settled on my large tote from Primark (that I bought as an everyday carrier for my laptop for when I’m working and running about without ruining my more expensive bags. But I love it so much now that its become one of my staples. Go figure!!) Inside it I had my iPad, make up bag, a black Rebecca Minkoff leather clutch bag and a pair of bright pink high heels for the evening event. On my feet during the day, I wore a pair of cute ‘Lemon’ ballet flats from ASOS  to complement the colours in my scarf and jumper.










All I had to do when I got to the evening event was switch my shoes, take out my clutch bag and check in my tote bag at the hotel’s reception, top up my lips, dab on a little perfume and I was good to go. All in 5 minutes or less. The event itself was beautiful and I will tell all about it in my next post.

Relaxed …..
…to Glam chic!










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Until next time…..mwah xx

#PhotoCred: SlozMediaProductions

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