If you read my last post, then you know this post was going to follow (albeit not the title). Anyways, last week I went to this amazing networking dinner event put on by women for women, and to say that I was blown away by the event would be an understatement. The event was called ‘The PEP Network Debut Dinner’ and it was organised and presented by a group of women from diverse professional backgrounds. They call their not-for-profit organisation, “The PEP Network.” 

On the Red Carpet @ the #PEPNetworkDebutDinner 2017

I got to know about the event from a gorgeous friend that I met some months ago, the face of the latest talk show in town and is already being touted as the U.K’s best African talk show host. Her name is Jo Maxwell, of “The Jo Maxwell Show” and she is one of the brains behind the PEP Network organisation.

Jo Maxwell…. Beauty and Brains ☺️
100Women 1Room #PEPNetwork Debut Dinner

The aim of the event was to bring 100 women from diverse professional backgrounds, to come together to; build up, encourage, support, admire, teach and learn from one another without feeling or making another feel, awkward or not good enough. And without competition!! And that’s exactly what they achieved.

100Women 1Room #PEPNetwork Debut Dinner

From the inspiring and captivating guest speakers, to the raffle draws, auctions and other fun activities that went on throughout the event, you would be forgiven for thinking that this was a party instead of a gathering of serious minded professional women. They had such fun networking, meeting and greeting and making new connections.

100Women 1Room #PEPNetwork Debut Dinner

I was beautifully surprised and happy to have been present at such an awesome gathering of women. I met and connected with some fabulously gorgeous women (including a namesake; Ngozi) I did not once feel out of place or made to feel that what I do isn’t up to scratch. Instead, I felt welcomed and included and I think this feeling was mutual for every woman there. And I learned a few home truths that has made me a lot stronger and reignited my faith and belief in the power of intelligence, in women.

Ngozee and Ngozi … ? #PEPNetwork Debut Dinner

Of all the things I learned on the night; these 3 things I took away with me from the #PEPNetwork Debut Dinner:

  1. Its OK to be afraid, Everyone else is too. But they just do it anyway.
  2. Remember: “Failure is neither Fatal nor Final” (This sage advice from one of the awesome female speakers of the night; Bebe Clement)
  3. START NOW to PLAN for LATER!!!

I intend to incorporate or practice all 3 of these things in my daily life and will not be afraid to reach for help if I need it!!! Oh, I almost forgot; I won a pair of Sophia Webster sandals in the auction sales that evening. Such stunning shoes. I shall tell all in another post and show how I rocked them! Stay tuned….

My #AuctionWin #SophiaWebster sandals. HappyFeet!!

So, I hear you ask; “what does this post about the PEP Network got to do with the title of the post; “How Women Rule the World?” I’ll tell you how. By the gathering of 100 like minded women together in one room, with one agenda in mind, and when they do, there will be; No Competition. No stress. No B******g about. Just straight up realness and making plans on how to better the future for themselves……and everyone else. That’s how!!!!!

Some of the #PepNetwork ladies looking superb…

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Until next time…..Mwahxxx

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PhotoCred: Slozmediaproductions

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8 thoughts on “How Women Rule The World……”

  1. I attened the PEP network and you couldnt have said any better. It was a great gathering of like minded women. I will def be attending the next event in between I most say I am hooked to your blog page, always so straight to the point and interesting to read. Well done hon.

    1. Thank you Brenda. I am so glad you like the blog. Thank you for checking it out. And yes, I too am looking forward to more of peps network events. They did fabulously well.xxx

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