I’m still on about my ‘LittleAnkaraSeries’, my journey of finding little pieces of Ankara fabric to complement my outfits with a twist of Africa and this one is about scarves….

If you know me, you’d already know I love scarves…!!! Ankara, silk, cotton, polyester, you name it. I love them and I collect them all.. (Not wool ones though, no!) I like how they serve as the perfect cover ups for ‘bad-hair-days’. Those days when going out with your hair not in tip-top condition (No matter how gorgeous you may look) is a complete no no. Have you ever had one of those…?

Here are some shots of different looks ive created with my ever trusted Ankara scarves. I looooved all the looks as I think they look totally ‘Scarf-tastic…!!!!



Top & bottom pics from an earlier post. A look I sported attending the PEP Network dinner event.



Mahogany Bridal Fashion Show, an event I hosted by the way. (Story for another day)



From a shoot I styled during filming of a short movie in London Bridge….

Sooo….What’s your take? Leave me a comment below please…

Until soon…..mwahxxx

Photo Creds: Chima Luke Okafor of CLOPhotography, Edmond of Cuts For Him and AyoPhotography for African Glitz Magazine



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