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Hello and welcome.Thanks for checking me out. I’m so excited to have you stop by. I hope you find your visit here quirky and cool….but charming….just like me!

My name is Gayle Ngozee and I am a professional model, actress and TV presenter. I also host live shows and events. I have been doing what I do for long time now and I needed a diary to put things down  as they come to be or pass. So I thought, why not share it with others who may be on the same journey or planning to embark on one?

And here we are….!

My blog is a space for me to share my world with you because I think my world is pretty cool actually and inspiring….so just chill and enjoy it with me. Here you’ll find ‘my finds’, things I’ve done, things I’ve enjoyed, things I recommend and more…

I also hope you find it educative, encouraging and positively impacting on you or anyone else you bring with you.

So take your time. Have a look around, subscribe and don’t forget to leave me a comment before you leave. It will help me love you better …

Mwah 💋